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B.Sc. Nanoscience

Events & Awards

The 8th Annual Nano Ontario Conference will be hosted by the University of Toronto on November 9-10. The conference is geared towards the developments and clinical challenges of nanomedicine research.
The first National Conference on "Converging on Nanomanufacturing" is being held on September 25-26, 2017 in Montreal, Quebec. The conference is being co-hosted by CMC microsystems and NanoCanada
Professor John Dutcher's natural nanotechnology spinoff company Mirexus raises $12 million to finance factory, fund business development, and deepen R&D - Press Release.
"Two University of Guelph innovations — sweet corn nanoparticles and genetic testing technology for livestock — have received this year’s Innovation of the Year awards for U of G inventions."
Prof. John Dutcher speaks at the Women in Physics Conference about how a serendipitous scientific discovery of natural polysaccharide nanoparticles has lead to the commercialization of a sustainable nanotechnology and creation of a spinoff company
Watch as a ferrofluid dances in the fields of an electromagnet.